No Man’s Sky, Twitch and Super Mario Maker. Oh and cross-save is coming to Destiny 2, link those accounts! (And if you’re on PC switch from to Steam!)

The latest season of Fornite, season 10, is here. And again there are some awesome goodies in the season. You can gift battle passes and some creative maps have been included as Limited Time Modes.

A list of the BEST gaming headphones and headsets in 2019. Get a headset and up your teamwork game for games like Destiny 2.

TRS80 Gaming is named after the TRS-80 computer (created in ’77 by Tandy, sold in RadioShack). Here are 5 emulators that let you try out the TRS80 computer and some games.

We’re now deep into season 8 of Fornite and it looks pretty cool. There’s a new pirate cannon which lets you shoot cannonballs at enemy locations and structures…or you know, you could just luanch yourself (super quick way to get across the map!)

Here are five YouTubers you absolutely have to watch. They cover Destiny 2 among other games like Apex Legends and The Division.