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Fortnite Season 8!

We’re now deep into season 8 of Fortnite and it looks pretty cool.

  • There’s a new pirate cannon which lets you shoot cannonballs at enemy locations and structures…or you know, you could just launch yourself (super quick way to get across the map!).
  • There are new locations like Sunny Steps and Lazy Lagoon.
  • High tier assault rifles are less available than before.
  • THE FLOOR IS LAVA! Yes there’s lava from the Volcano and it does 1 damage every time you hop into it (and it will hop you back out).
  • THE FLOOR IS…AIR?! There are also Volcanic Vents which will push you up with air.
  • For a limited time: 50 v 50 mode and Close Encounters mode. There are two new game modes, available for a limited time. 50 v 50 is like a big gigantic squad game where the squads have 50 players, it’s just nuts. The close encounters mode is shotguns and jetpacks and a lot of fast-paced fun (the storm moves waaaaay more quickly).

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