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Best Gaming Headphones 2019

Here is a list of the best headphones for gaming. Please note that a few of the selections are based on other people’s reviews and a few of them I have personally owned (I will indicate which ones).

While it’s nice to play video games on a TV with a nice 5.1 or 7.1 surround system and hear the shouts and roars of gunfire and cool orchestral music of Destiny 2 and other games, it’s not always possible. This is especially true for mobile/tablet games where the sound quality can be a bit tinny or can annoy people around you.

So here’s a list of the  best headsets for gaming.

HeadsetWeightNoise CancellationAverage RatingPrice Range
10.6 ouncesYes3.7 out of 5Under $100
Bose QuietComfort 35 II0.52 lbsYes4.4 out of 5$300 to $400
Turtle Beach Stealth 6001.3 lbsNo3.9 out of 5$100 to $200
Ghostek Rapture300 gNo4.5 out of 5$100 to $200
Skullcandy Crusher14.1 ouncesNo4.3 out of 5$100 to $200
Turtle Beach Recon Chat120 gNo3.4 out of 5Under $100
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TRS80 Emulators

The TRS80 Gaming site is named after the TRS-80 computer. It’s a computer from 1977 that was created by Tandy and sold through RadioShack. The TRS-80 Model 4 was released in April 1983 and featured a 4 MHz CPU, an 80×24 column display, and 128KB of RAM. Wow. That’s nothing like today’s computers but for the earlier days, it was an awesome and fun machine.

In honor of the TRS-80 name and where our gaming site’s name comes from, here is a list of TRS-80 emulators! Some of them will work on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. There’s also an emulator that works on Android.

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