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TRS80 Emulators

The TRS80 Gaming site is named after the TRS-80 computer. It’s a computer from 1977 that was created by Tandy and sold through RadioShack. The TRS-80 Model 4 was released in April 1983 and featured a 4 MHz CPU, an 80×24 column display, and 128KB of RAM. Wow. That’s nothing like today’s computers but for the earlier days, it was an awesome and fun machine.

In honor of the TRS-80 name and where our gaming site’s name comes from, here is a list of TRS-80 emulators! Some of them will work on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. There’s also an emulator that works on Android.


SDLTRS emulates TRS-80 models I, III, 4 and 4P. It runs on Mac OS X, Windows and Linux. It supports copy/paste from the emulator to the host operating system (making it convenient to type commands in your computer to copy over to the TRS80) and it has full-screen display so you can play Pyramid 2000 the right way.


trs80gp is one of the better emulators for TRS-80, with the author having been able to create a GIF viewer and a video player for it! As you play games on the trs80gp emulator, you can capture the screen into a GIF or AVI and capture the audio into a WAV. So you can post videos on YouTube later on of you playing old school TRS-80 games.

In fact, the author of trs80gp used a REAL, non-emulated TRS-80 to load up the Doctor Who TV show introduction! Click here to read all about how it was done.


The Sharp80 is a Windows-based emulator for the TRS-80. It’s pretty awesome and very simple to get started with.

TRS-80 Emulator, Sharp80 which works on Windows and is very simple to get started.

TRS80 on Android

If you have an Android smartphone, there is an emulator available for the TRS-80 models 1 and 3. Click here to download it from the Google Play Store. Play some retro games on your modern pocket computer.

TRS-80 Emulator in your Web Browser (using JavaScript)

If you don’t want to download an emulator for the TRS-80, you can try it out in your web browser! Someone has created an awesome emulator in JavaScript which lets you program in BASIC. It lets you try out different retro TRS-80 games like Galaxy Invasion and Super Nova (Galaxy Invasion is like Space Invaders and Super Nova is like Asteroids).

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