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Best Gaming Headphones 2019

Here is a list of the best headphones for gaming. Please note that a few of the selections are based on other people’s reviews and a few of them I have personally owned (I will indicate which ones).

While it’s nice to play video games on a TV with a nice 5.1 or 7.1 surround system and hear the shouts and roars of gunfire and cool orchestral music of Destiny 2 and other games, it’s not always possible. This is especially true for mobile/tablet games where the sound quality can be a bit tinny or can annoy people around you.

So here’s a list of the  best headsets for gaming.

HeadsetWeightNoise CancellationAverage RatingPrice Range
10.6 ouncesYes3.7 out of 5Under $100
Bose QuietComfort 35 II0.52 lbsYes4.4 out of 5$300 to $400
Turtle Beach Stealth 6001.3 lbsNo3.9 out of 5$100 to $200
Ghostek Rapture300 gNo4.5 out of 5$100 to $200
Skullcandy Crusher14.1 ouncesNo4.3 out of 5$100 to $200
Turtle Beach Recon Chat120 gNo3.4 out of 5Under $100

Turtle Beach Recon Chat Headset

Turtle Beach Recon Chat Headset

This is one of the most affordable Turtle Beach gaming headsets out there. The Recon Chat Headset is under $50 and fits pretty much anyone’s budget. If you have no idea where to begin and all the choices of gaming headsets are overwhelming, get the Turtle Beach Recon Chat Headset. It covers one ear so you can hear anyone else talking to you while at home, and the microphone quality is good.

I’ve used it personally as a quick way to get a mic/headset setup going and when I’ve left my gaming headset elsewhere (like at work or with another computer). I also wear glasses and this headset is fairly comfortable with my glasses whereas other headsets sometimes apply a subtle pressure and push the glasses frames into my head, which isn’t comfortable after 20min of gaming.

Affordable 7.1 DTS Gaming Headset – Logitech G430

This is an affordable gaming headset from Logitech that works with PS4, XBox One and Windows (and I’m sure it works well with OS X and Linux with a bit of configuration).

The cable connected from the Logitech G430 gaming headset to the controller has controls for the volume and to let you mute your voice. Very handy if your gaming session is interrupted by your cat needing food, or your dog needing a walk.

Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones – QuietComfort 35 II

The Bose QuietComfort 35 II are wireless bluetooth headphones with three levels of noise cancellation. I’ve used other noise cancelling headphones and for an office environment they are a must. For gaming noise cancelling headphones are also necessary if you are playing a horror game or a shooter where you need to hear the footsteps of your enemies and know where they’re coming from.

To coordinate with your team in World War Z or your fireteam in Destiny 2, the Bose QuietComfort35 II has a dual-microphone system. This makes sure your voice is recorded clearly and all the background noise is reduced (this is also great if you use these headphones over bluetooth with your phone).

The QC35 IIs can be used with a variety of gaming consoles like the PlayStation 4 and XBox One but they cannot be used wirelessly. For the PS4, the QC35 will have to be plugged into the controller. The Bose headphones forum even provides a list of consoles that it works with:

Table of consoles that the QC35 headphones are compatible with, includes Xbox, Xbox One, PS4.
QC35 model 1 compatibility chart, source:

Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Wireless Gaming Headset

Ghostek Rapture

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