How To Collect All Sleeper Nodes in Destiny 2

What are Sleeper Nodes?

Sleeper nodes are the diamond-shaped <> nodes that are hanging around the Mars map. In Destiny 2 you can collect 44 of them.

You don’t collect them in order. You collect Sleeper Nodes based on what the Override Frequency item says. This means you could end up visiting the same sleeper node a few times.

How many Resonate Stems do I need in order to get 1 Override Frequency?

To create 1 Override Frequency which can lead you to a Sleeper Node, you will need 4 Resonate Stems. You’re going to need to do some farming to collect enough of them.

How to farm Resonate Stems and the Best Way to Farm Sleeper Nodes

The hardest part is that the drop of the Override Frequency can be any of the 44 sleeper nodes, even the ones you have already collected. While playing, I’ve encountered the same node at least twice.

To earn Resonate Stems, you can complete public events, heroic public events (you get 2 resonate stems for this), and you can also loot lost sectors and complete patrols.

Glacial Drift Lost Sector = 1 Resonate Stem

To farm Resonate Stems, you can run the Glacial Drift Lost Sector over and over again. If you do this you can farm 1 Resonate Stem. The Glacial Drift area is on Mars.

The Easy Way to Earn 3 or Even 4 Resonate Stems

Another way to farm Resonate Stems is to complete patrols while completing public events. Especially if the public event turns into a heroic public event.

With this technique you can earn 1 stem from a public event, another stem if it’s heroic, and by completing a patrol, another stem for a total of 3 Resonate Stems. This is really efficient as you can farm 3 stems at a time plus the lost sector to get 4 stems, which is one Override Frequency.

Spend an afternoon just grinding and farming these resonate stems and get enough of them so that you can find the sleeper nodes, and hopefully avoid repeated sleeper nodes.

Farming Sleeper Nodes

To farm sleeper nodes, you will actually have to farm Resonate Stems. Read the section above for info on that.

Locations of Sleeper Nodes on Mars

You can check out an interactive map of Destiny 2’s Mars map here:

The last two words give you a hint on the location, though you should be able to wander around the map in the area and hear the music of the sleeper node and see its glowing aura.

Mindlab Rasputin

Mindlab Rasputin is the most northern area of the Mars map. These are the sleeper nodes you can find here:

  • Mindlab.Conveyor.Bridge
  • Mindlab.Conveyor.Junction
  • Mindlab.Elevator.Right
  • Mindlab.Elevator.Service
  • Mindlab.Overhang.Node

Aurora Breach

Aurora Breach is south of Mindlab Rasputin and north of Braytech Futurescape. These are the sleeper nodes you can find here:

  • Aurora.Mindlab.Observation
  • Aurora.Mindlab.Supplies

Braytech Futurescape

Braytech Futurescape is in the northern part of the Mars map. It is south of Aurora Breach. These are the sleeper nodes you can find here:

  • Futurescape.Dock.Garage
  • Futurescape.Dock.Outpost
  • Futurescape.Dock.Silo
  • Futurescape.Plaza.Console
  • Futurescape.Reception.Overlook
  • Futurescape.Plaza.Infestation
  • Fururescape.Ridgeline.Waterfall
  • Futurescape.Termunis.Console
  • Futurescape.Transit.Service

Olympus Descent

Olympus Descent is in the southern part of the Mars map. It’s south of Glacial Drift.These are the sleeper nodes you can find here:

  • Descent.Cave.Runes
  • Descent.Cavern.Warsat
  • Descent.Chasm.Ledge

Glacial Drift

Glacial Drift is south of Olympus Descent.These are the sleeper nodes you can find here:

  • Drift.Checkpoint.Elevator
  • Drift.Flammable.Storage
  • Drift.Gatehouse.Catwalk
  • Drift.Service.BackEnd
  • Drift.Transit.Foundation
  • Drift.Transit.Freight
  • Drift.Subterrane.Cliffside
  • Drift.Subterrane.Chasm

Dynamo Approach

These are the sleeper nodes you can find here:

  • Dynamo.Approach.Arch
  • Dynamo.Approach.Cavern
  • Dynamo.Approach.Tree
  • Dynamic.Core.Catwalk

Alton Dynamo

These are the sleeper nodes you can find here:

  • Dynamo.Coolant.Ventilation
  • Dynamo.Control.Door
  • Dynamo.Core.Brace
  • Dynamic.Core.Catwalk
  • Dynamo.Deck.Dampener
  • Dynamo.Network.Stairwell
  • Dynamo.Observation.Core
  • Dynamo.Observation.Door
  • Dynamo.Observation.Valkyrie
  • Dynamo.Server.Windshield