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Google Stadia Initial Games List Announced

Google Stadia Launch Games List

Google Stadia is a streaming videogame service. It’s not the same as streaming videos from videogames. Stadia is a way to stream videogames over the Internet from the cloud and play on any screen.

This means you can buy a game such as Destiny 2 (yes it’s on the initial games list), stream the game to your TV and play with the Stadia controller! The idea is that instead of purchasing a $300+ console such as the PS4 or XBox One or a $2000+ gaming rig, you will subscribe to Google Stadia for $10 per month and play whatever streamable games there are.

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Don’t Miss Out – 9 August 2019

Super Mario Maker 2 used to create a 1st-Person Adventure Game

Super Mario Maker 2 for Nintendo Switch

This is incredible, someone has used the tools provided by the game Mario Maker to create their very own first-person adventure game!

Instead of creating just a simple level, they took it to another level and created 3d Maze House.

Super Mario Maker 2 is a game for the Nintendo Switch where you and other players create custom side-scrolling Mario levels.

3d Maze House flips this on its head so instead of playing a side-scroller, you’re in first-person view.

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