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Fortnite is apparently SUPER addictive

is fortnite an addictive videogame

Kind of a serious issue to talk about here, video game addiction. it’s all fun and games when you binge on a video game for a night or two. But if it becomes a regular thing, as apparently it has for some Fortnite addicts (one player mentioned clocks in 12 hours a day!), then it’s time to get some help.

From the article:

“For now, Fortnite is the game of choice. On a recent afternoon, the game was the most-viewed on Inc.’s Twitch streaming service, with 250,000 people watching others play.”

This is why TRS80 Gaming is into casual games and keeping casual gaming hours. There’s a world and life outside of video games, and addiction is no joke.

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Fortnite Season X is here

The latest season of Fornite, season 10, is here. And again there are some awesome goodies in the season.

There are community created LTMs (Limited Time Modes) available for Fortnite Creative. They are Beach Assault and Prop Hunt. For those who haven’t tried it, Fortnite Creative is the toolkit that you can use for creating your own map that includes whatever you want. Think of Fortnite Creative as Minecraft or Roblox, where you can build up a cool new map.

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